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DINFOS - Defense Information School (Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana)

Graduation Class - July 10, 1984

Airman Paul F. Braun, US Air Force

Private Susan M. Budzyna, US Army

Private Gregory J. Cardwell, US Army

Airman Susan J. Ferrante, US Air Force

Airman John D. Harris, US Air Force

Airman Susan L. Hutchens, US Air Force

Journalist Seaman Kerry L. Larsen, US Navy

Journalist Seaman David L. Lovato, US Navy

Journalist Seaman O. Victor Ponder, US Navy

Journalist Seaman Gregg L. Snaza, US Navy

Journalist Seaman Apprentice Brian E. Turner

Journalist Seaman Traci M. Welsh, US Navy


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JOCM J. W. Todd, USN SSG M. Kemp, Jr., USA
SMSgt M. L. Bergman, USAF SSG W. T. Powell, Jr., USA
MSgt V. R. Harrison, USAF SSG J. F. Rattan, USA
GYSgt G. T. Spear, USMC TSgt A. W. Uminski, USAF
SFC R. K. Stolt, USA SGT G. J. Liedel, USA
JOC P. M. Waldrop, USN SSgt M. L. Mahan, USAF
JO1 K. A. Checkley, USN SP5 M. E. Starmer, USA
SSG W. J. Fears, Jr., USA Mr. R. J. Cassin
SSG T. Z. Fuller, USA Mr. R. L. Dunphy
SSG R. R. George, USA Mr. Timothy G. Paige
TSgt M. P. Hartman, USAF Mr. R. L. Runda
JO1 R. N. Jenkins, USN Mrs. L. C. Calvin


U. S. Army

SFC R. C. Haney

U. S. Marine Corps

Sgt S. J. Owens

U. S. Air Force TSgt J. A. Harrison, Jr.


Commandant Col. Gary L. Werner, USA
Deputy Commandant  Col. J. R. Murphy, USMC
Dean of Academic Services Dr. Jack Rubak, DAC
School Secretary Maj. W. A. Hargraves, Jr., USA
Chief, Personnel Services Division Maj. S. L. Fisher, USA
Adjutant CPT D. L. Mossbarger, USA
Director of Training LTC Herbert E. Blanks, USA
Public Affairs Officer Mary C. Rothgeb, DAC
Sergeant Major SGM Marlon S. Miles, USA
Senior Enlisted Coordinator  MSG Dale M. McInnis, USA

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Pronouncing The Name of Your Friendly, Neighborhood Webmaster: Vito "Vitkauskas"

      The pronunciation of Vitkauskas seems simple and phonetic to another Lithuanian.

    Still, others want hints.

    "Vitt-kows-kuss" seems close, but not very memorable.

    Elsie says, trying to pronounce the surname "with cow's kiss" makes it a more "moo"-ving, memorable muttering.


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The names "DINFOS" and "Defense Information School" along with their logos are the United States government's. This is a personal website with no official, current connection with the school or government.

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